Welcome to the Geocaching Ireland website. Here you’ll find an introduction to what Geocaching is all about, the do’s and don’ts for placing your own cache, news, events and much more. We are also delighted to provide help and support to those planning a caching trip to Ireland, from where to go, and how to get there.

The site is currently undergoing redevelopment with additional content being added over time. If there is specific information that you require, please use the Contact page to submit a query

Geocaching Ireland was established on August 9th 2003 on Yahoo Groups and the aim was to establish an active geocaching community in Ireland, North and South through the group, which was successfully achieved. The Geocaching Ireland website was then born on the 24th May 2004 in an effort to provide easy to access information on Geocaching in Ireland. On the 20th January 2005 the group started to move over to the more user friendly Geocaching Ireland Forums, where today you’ll find a highly active community discussing a broad range of topics.